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Today I received my new SSD – Hard drive the “Intel SSD 160GB and 320 Series”. Of course I had to install immediately the new hardware in my system…


First conclusion after data migration and booting from the new drive: It’s really a "Speed ​​Demon" as the product label says. Working with the same computer can not be compared – madness!

Without compromise to recommend!







Orca.exe is a database table editor for creating and editing Windows Installer packages and merge modules. The tool provides a graphical interface for validation, highlighting the particular entries where validation errors or warnings occur.


This tool is only available in the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers. It is provided as an Orca.msi file. After installing the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers, double click Orca.msi to install the Orca.exe file.


Source: MSDN Microsoft


Since this is a bit complicated to become the Orca-source to install the tool, you can download Orca 5.0 on the following link:












Ontrex – a professional software packager in Switzerland is online with a technical blog:



There exist already Windows7/Windows Installer 5.0 posts.







With two co-workers from Zühlke, I wrote an article about an scalable Java EE scheduler. This article got published in the JavaSpektrum magazin 04/2009.
It’s written in German and can be downloaded here.





Wikihood Based on your current location, Wikihood searches for all Wiki pages around you. With Wikihood you get a free City Guide for every place in the world.

Here, Wikihood is searching all Wiki pages for your current location:


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image image

…is a freeware tool, which can be used for training analysis. I’m using it with the Garmin Edge 705 (a bike-GPS-system). In this combination, it’s an alternative to the Garmin Training Center.



As default, the idle time isn’t deducted from the total time. It makes sense to separate this time. The following settings show how to achieve this:

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I always wondered, how I can search and replace in multiple files with Eclipse. I always searched for a “Search & Replace” dialog. I never found one. But a search & replace in multiple files is possible. First, just perform a usual file search (CTRL + H). All the search results gets displayed in the “Search” view. And there, it is possible to replace the searched keyword in selected or all found files. Just do a right-click.






I’m now on Twitter, follow me at http://twitter.com/steivan.





On the Eclipse homepage you will find a very nice description about all new features in Galileo.

In a view of a Java developer, there are not a lot of new features. German readers will find at jaxenter a nice article with all new Java features.

The only one, which seems noteworthy, is the new toString() wizard:





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